Thanks to clean energy incentives, federal tax credits, and efficient new PV panels, going solar makes more sense today than ever. As a SANDWAVE ENERGY customer, you’ll enjoy some of the lowest installation costs, biggest utility bill savings, and fastest payback periods. In the process, you’ll also increase your home’s value. Plus once it’s paid for, your solar system keeps paying dividends, in the form of free, clean energy — year after year.

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Power of the SUN!

The intensity of the Sun varies along with the 11-year sunspot cycle. When sunspots are numerous the solar constant is high (about 1367 W/m2); when sunspots are scarce the value is low (about 1365 W/m2)


We want to give you maximum value from your solar system. That’s our #1 goal. To achieve it, SANDWAVE ENERGY uses only top quality, energy efficient components — backed by our industry’s best warranties.

Rest assured. Our expert technicians are experienced at mounting PV panels on virtually every type of roofing material: composite tile, concrete tile, clay tile, and various shingle materials. SANDWAVE ENERGY routinely exceeds the required quality standards for wiring and installation. And we test your new system to ensure that it’s functioning at peak efficiency.

In most cases, your new solar system can start generating clean energy within 4-6 weeks of signing your installation contract.

Installation matters

Our Quality

Your solar panels are a lifetime investment and they should last a lifetime. We deliver the best installation service in the solar industry. Our in-house team of expert engineers and electricians (never outside contractors) deliver flawless workmanship. We always customize our installations specific to the home and we make sure our customers get the best possible service, straightforward pricing and uncomplicated installations.

Our Reputation

Happy customers speak volumes. . Our customers recognize our dedication to providing the best installations possible through honest work, integrity and excellent service.

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